6 Awesome Web Design Trends for 2018

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Ready to create a cutting edge website that helps you achieve all your goals? You need to know about the latest web design trends for 2018.

The internet is like an endless row of booths at a trade show. Your audience is overloaded with information, and you need to stand out.

That’s where innovative web design comes in.

As with any creative arena, trends in web design are constantly changing, and keeping up will help you get noticed. To get up to speed, check out these top web design trends for 2018.

Web Design Trends in 2018

To have a truly cutting-edge website, try some of these design trends this year:

1. Getting Off the Grid

There’s a web design myth that your layout should be evenly spaced on an invisible grid. Parallel lines, straight alignment, and symmetry used to be standard procedure, but not anymore.

Today, asymmetrical designs are in. They’re eye-catching and they can be used to guide a viewer’s eye-line exactly where you want it to go.

2. More Animation and Interaction

The days of bland, static web design are behind us. Today, it’s all about pulling in your audience with interactive, animated web design.

Consider an animated graphic on your homepage. Another popular idea is an interestingly paginated scroll design. These unique design elements are engaging and they add a measure of high-end professionalism.

3. Image-Dominated Homepage

In an effort to make a high-conversion web design, some companies turn their homepage into a sales pitch. But this can do more harm than good.

You wouldn’t write an entire sales pitch on the door of a storefront, so you shouldn’t do it on your homepage, either. In modern designs, home pages are dominated by eye-catching images with minimal text.

4. Curvaceous, Organic Designs

Most people think of a modern design as being a grid of clean lines and straight shots. But did you know you can apply the “clean lines” style with curves instead?

Today’s designs are embracing more organic, curved shapes for a modern yet artistic look.

5. Navigation That Follows You

One of the most subtly helpful web design trends is the floating navigation. As you scroll down, the navigation comes along for the ride. If you need to go somewhere else on the navigation bar, it’s right there already – no scrolling necessary.

This is a design feature that few users notice, but it makes for an easier, more intuitive user experience.

6. Innovative and Detailed Typography

Sans serif fonts used to be common practice for web designs because the screens weren’t high-resolution enough to show all the details. But the dark ages are over and today’s new monitors can reproduce all those beautifully intricate fonts.

Typography in modern web design isn’t just a medium for relaying content. It can be used as its own form of artwork, so play away.

Being the Joneses

Trying to keep up with the latest web design trends can feel like a rat race. The trends are constantly changing. If you want to truly stand out, you can’t just follow along – you need to innovate.

For now, try the trends above to bring your website into 2018. For a truly innovative web design, explore new web design ideas.

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