WordPress Website Creation Course
Learn how to create a website in 3 days from scratch

Learn to create a website in 3 days through the WordPress Website Creation Course with resources provided by Lemonade.

Target Audience

Marketing executives, Managers, Administrative Staff, Solopreneurs, Graphic Designers, Content Developers, Web Developers, and Individuals who want to learn how to create, customise, and maintain a WordPress website.


A Certification of Completion will be issued upon achieving at least 75% attendance for the course. Course Code: CRS-N-0043888

Zi Qian Says:

“Easy to follow and summarised content for us to follow through too. The trainer’s delivery is lively and patient in teaching his students. He is willing to answer our questions and I have enjoyed the lesson. I would definitely recommend to all.”

Jarrons & Co.

Jina Woo Says:

“I feel it was very good knowledge for people who would like to set up their own business. The hands on application helps us to understand and work on WordPress easier. Teck Seng was very knowledgeable and willing to share information to make website building easier and possible. It was a good pace for myself. This course helps me discover the missing parts that I require to make the website presentable and professional. Thank you! Very impressive course.”

Jess Wee Says:

“I feel more confident in creating a website after attending this course. Mr Teck Seng is very patient and kind to IT dummies like me. Thank you and highly recommended to all layman.”

Angela Tan Says:

“Like to recommend this course as it is a good jumpstart to WordPress site creation. Easy to follow instructions to do a simple website. Has a start/introduction to SEO and eCommerce.”

Victor Tan Says:

“Teckseng is a knowledgable, friendly, and approachable instructor. He clearly imparted his knowledge in a very systematic way. Well done!”

Sujeeta Surajan says

“Trainer is approachable, very knowledgeable. Provided contact details for us to reach him in case we need after course support. That’s important!”

Course Outline

Essentials of creating a WordPress website

Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Presentation)

  • Why you need a website
  • Domain name, web hosting, and content management system (How it all connects together)
  • Open source vs propriety content management systems – which should you go with and why?
  • WordPress.com or WordPress.org? – Similarities, differences, pros and cons
  • Recommended domain name registrars
  • How to buy a domain name
  • How to choose a reliable web hosting provider
  • What is a content delivery network (CDN) and why is it important
  • How to point/link your domain name to your web host
  • Navigating cPanel within your web host
  • Setting up work emails (i.e. [email protected]) in cPanel versus G Suite Gmail
  • Understanding file manager within your web hosting cPanel and managing your website files (images, videos, plugins, documents, databases) from the backend server
  • 3-step WordPress installation
  • Logging into WordPress for the first time

Design and building the core pillars of your WordPress website

Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Presentation, practical hands-on)

  • Modern Web Design
  • Free themes versus premium themes
  • How to choose a reliable WordPress Theme
  • How to install a parent theme
  • How to install a child theme
  • Introduction to drag-and-drop webpage builders
  • How to install a WordPress theme (DIVI theme)
  • Customising site-wide settings (General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Permalinks)
  • Adding and managing website users
  • Planning website architecture
  • Adding site content: How to create webpages, add content with the Visual Editor and Text Editor, create hyperlinks, and more
  • How to set up a main navigation menu
  • Uploading and retrieving images to and from the media
  •  How to edit images within
  • How to create image
  • How to set up a blog section and create
  • How to plan and design what to include on your landing page (
  • How to create landing pages that drive important actions from your users (i.e. generate leads, signups, downloads, pageviews, and sales)

Enhancing your WordPress website with Plugins

Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Presentation, practical hands-on)

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Recommended plugins every WordPress website should have
  • Introduction to creating and running an eCommerce online store on WooCommerce
  • Creating product pages
  • Setting up eCommerce workflows (from add-to-cart, shipping methods, and checkout to payment methods, order confirmation, and email notifications)
  • Exploring WooCommerce extensions (from promo codes to membership systems)
  • How to create contact forms and set up notification emails
  • How to enhance your website speed and page loading times
  • How to test whether your website is mobile-friendly
  • How to secure your website from hackers
  • Basic search engine optimisation
  • How to ensure your website is fully functional and resolve any potential issues such as plugin conflicts

Producting WordPress Design Documentation for Website Managers

Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Presentation, practical hands-on)

  • How to produce a WordPress web design documentation for website managers and web development
  • Essential details to include in a WordPress web design documentation

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