Keep your website
always ready
without touching your website

We create a web design that is bespoke, clean and modern that appeals to your customers. By using WordPress and Divi Page builder, you can use your website easily and stay visible on search engines.

Lemonade provides web maintenance service. We perform content uploads, backups, and updates.

Website Maintenance Service that you need for your website

For only


 Per Month

Hiring a web designer or developer : $3,600/month
Our WordPress maintenance plan : $120/month
Save up to : 96% on manpower

Billed Annually


Billed Annually


Billed Annually


All Plans Include

Daily Backup is included in WordPress Web Maintenance By Lemonade

Daily Backup

24 Hours Monitoring is included in WordPress Web Maintenance By Lemonade

24 Hours Monitoring

Domain Monitoring is included in WordPress Web Maintenance By Lemonade

Domain Monitoring

WordPress Update is included in WordPress Web Maintenance By Lemonade

WordPress Update

Monthly Report is included in WordPress Web Maintenance By Lemonade

Monthly Report

Site Warranty is included in WordPress Web Maintenance By Lemonade

Site Warranty

SSL Certificate is included in WordPress Web Maintenance By Lemonade

SSL Certificate

10GB Hosting is included in WordPress Web Maintenance By Lemonade

10GB Hosting

Service Hours is included in WordPress Web Maintenance By Lemonade

Service Hours

Opt in for Care Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress Maintenance Service?

WordPress Maintenance service usually includes uploading of content, performing routing backup, security optimisation, updating of themes/plugins as well as malware protection and removal.

Why do I need Lemonade WordPress Maintenance?

Our Lemonade WordPress Maintenance service helps to keep your website running without you touching the website. We have been working with WordPress website for more than 18 years and are constantly updated with WordPress security updates and concerns. This helps us to keep your website safe and up at all times.

My website is not created by Lemonade. Can I still use your service?

Yes. If your website is powered by WordPress, we can help you to maintain your website.

Can I use my hosting instead of Lemonade's Server?

Yes, we will be activating a list of security and maintenance plugin that helps us to do our routines without the need of your server access.

Lemonade WordPress Maintenance Vs
WordPress Managed Hosting

Lemonade WordPress Maintenance

Not just the tools, the Humans too

Ask any question about WordPress and you shall be answered. Our team of website maintenance experts behind the scene are always ready to support you.

A cost that covers all license fees

When we build your website, our team equipped it with our regularly used plugin which we have paid off the license fee, so you do not have to pay to maintain it.

Not just a website maintenance support team, your wikipedia

Any question is within our scope. If we can’t find the answer, we help you seek for more help! With the help of large community users, we are sure that we will do everything it takes to resolve your website issue.

Your developer, Your team

One of our mission is to sustain your website. Our team of developers are always ready for any fixtures. No more get back and fore to ask questions.

WordPress Managed Hosting

Do you know how to clear a malware?

You can get a security suite for WordPress anywhere. But when you have malware on your website, do you know how to clear it? Here’s “how you can clean a Hacked WordPress Website” if you need.

Add another few hundred dollars for plugins

Managed hosting have tools to scan your WordPress website and alert you of a new update for your plugins. You need to pay additional to the plugin’s developer for the updated version.

Sorry, your question is not within their scope

Managed hosting are good if you have questions about your server. How many times have you ask your host provider what is the specification of your hosting server?

You may need to check with your developer

Managed host provider are not your developer. When it comes to questions about your website or if you need any fixtures to your website, we are a better choice.

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