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For this second case study, our team took a good look at the website of Think Education Group from www.think.edu.au

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I’ll be honest–I couldn’t stop gushing over this website, and the reason is simple: It is both aesthetically stunning and SEO-friendly.

The Eternal Struggle: Design VS Online Presence?

Trust us when we say it’s not that easy a feat to create beautiful websites that are also SEO-friendly at the same time. We’ve seen many websites out there that are well-designed, yet lacking in Search Engine Optimization (SEO); and the opposite is true as well–websites that are search engine optimized tend to have poorer designs. Deciding which one to go for is a struggle most start-up businesses go through, and plenty of websites ultimately end up dominant in either design or online presence.

And that is why think.edu.au has scored brownie points in my book–they got the perfect balance of a beautiful design and SEO-friendly website.

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And they are smart in achieving that. As you scroll through the website, you’ll realized that what stood out and makes the design so brilliant is the incredible use of transitions and effects, which are apparent in each scroll and hover. Take for instance the four boxes you see on the above image–at first glance, the colours and simple use of one-worded texts instantly attracts your attention.

But that’s not the best part; hover over the individual boxes and you’ll see them “flip,” and there on the “other side” are paragraphs of words that, if without the cool transitions, could otherwise be a boring sight. Not to mention the meticulous use of photos, graphics, as well as colour themes to bring out the overall style of the website.

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I also need to talk about this menu; specifically the drop-down. While many websites would stick to your typical, one-line sub-categories, www.think.edu.au is bold in its choice to forgo the tradition; not only is the drop-down menu a refreshing sight to see, the text-heavy content also makes it SEO-friendly. That’s killing two birds with one stone!

Did I already say I love this website?


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