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Anyhow, we know this space hasn’t always been given the right amount of attention, both by you guys and us. Over the past months of revamping ourselves, we realized the need to make use of existing resources to help us improve on our work and productivity—which brings us to our blog. Bringing the blog back is really about instilling the commitment to write, forming the connection with our clients, and finding the inspiration to springboard new ideas.

So starting from this week’s post, we’ll be talking about websites (Uh, DUH)—specifically, websites that we feel are well designed and developed. Spending some time each week to focus on other websites is our way of identifying good work and ideas, and hopefully help to inspire us in our own work. It’s all a learning process.


To kick us off, we present LETCOM from–a property agent website that we chanced upon while we were WEB-BROWSING (pun totally intended).

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Take a look at the website and you’ll see what we see: Friendly usability, with clear and straight-to-the-point navigation that gives the impression that the company knows very well the direction they are heading for.

Sometimes, less is more.

The purpose of any website should always be focused on what is truly important. Many web owners make the error of including too much unnecessary information on their site that does not serve any real purpose (well, other than to cluster the page with content).

LETCOM understands and is not committed to making that mistake. Again, it’s straightforward design approach gives way to the use of a menu bar in a non-traditional way. It is concise with only two items, while other relevant information that usually appears as menu items are smartly placed in the center of the site, giving it the right focus and attention.

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The efficacious use of both the SEO and Image Alternate text–which are extremely vital in heightening your online presence on major search engines, such as Google or Yahoo!–are also apparent from the way those texts are strategically placed throughout the pages. What’s worthy of a mention is the fact that while having too many texts on any website could be a potential over-kill, in the case of LETCOM, the texts that appears only serves to enhance the overall design and layout of the site. Real clever.

The trick to having a well and smart designed website, in terms of aesthetics, really boils down to the details: The type/size of fonts, the colour themes, the quality of images, the effect of a hover, the use of white spaces, the overall alignment etc… The list goes on.

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For LETCOM, all the fundamental design elements work in harmony without compromising on the functionality of the site. It might seem like an easy feat to achieve, but trust us–this work is anything but.

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