It got us a while to figure out a working process that, well, works and that suits our working style and operations. Our process is made up of six phases–each with a distinct purpose and intent that, when viewed on a macro level, serves to inform our clients on the things they can expect to happen as we progress through the stages of a project.

So without further ado…

Our Work Process


Web Design Work Process 1 | Lemonade - Web Design Singapore


The first phase is all about learning; we want to get to know our clients and their business profile, and at the same time gather paramount information on the project–including project objectives, requirements, target audience, budget, and schedule. With all that information in the bag, we can safely move on to phase II: Plan.

Web Design Work Process 2 | Lemonade - Web Design Singapore


Out of all phases, the planning stage is always the most crucial. It is during this phase that our team come together to toss ideas around and discuss strategies to formulate a feasible game plan that works with all the nitty-gritty of the project. Conducting in-depth study, research, and needs assessment are all part of the process during this stage. Once we’ve ready the plan, we can then proceed to the fun part of the project: Design.

Web Design Work Process 3 | Lemonade - Web Design Singapore


Here’s the stage where our designers work their magic and create a design that is based on and guided by project objectives and requirements. That said, we also like to give our designers the space to let their creativity run wild, as we realized that’s when the best ideas are usually born.

Web Design Work Process 4 | Lemonade - Web Design Singapore


Once the design has been approved, we’ll then send them for development. That’s when our developers do their thing and power the design to life through technical integration to create a high performance system. All our websites are backed by Content Management System (WordPress, Magento) that makes managing the site easy and fuss-free.

Web Design Work Process 5 | Lemonade - Web Design Singapore


Upon the completion of site development, our team will carry out a thorough inspection and QC to ensure that the final product is up to standard and good to deliver.

Web Design Work Process 6 | Lemonade - Web Design Singapore


The last phase of the process is pretty literal; we deliver and launch the complete project. If anyone is curious about what happens after project completion, here’s the answer:

We disappear.

Just kidding.

We offer a one year free post-project support to all our clients to help fix any bugs and/or deficiencies that may be bothering their website. So our clients can be assured that we have their backs and will try our utmost to assist them in times of need.

For more information on the range of design services we offer Singapore companies, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (65) 3158 3831.

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Web Design Work Process

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Our Work Process


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