Building a friendly website
for you, your customers and the Search Engines

We create a web design that is bespoke, clean and modern that appeals to your customers. By using WordPress and Divi Page builder, you can use your website easily and stay visible on search engines.

Lemonade provides web design service. We build your WordPress website with clean and modern web design.

Essentials tools we use on your websites

for your website

Lemonade, one of the best web design companies in Singapore builds your WordPress website with premium plugins, latest Divi page builder. This means that you don’t have to worry about managing it. Each plugin is specially selected to keep your website secure and sturdy. 

Mobile Responsive Website

Being a mobile responsive website is essential. Our team take this to a whole new level by adopting the mobile first web design and development methodology. No more long scrolling websites and panning or zooming on your website.


Search Engine Friendly

Our web designers and developers in Singapore are trained to develop your website with search engines in mind. As we start designing your website, our developers will ensure best practice are applied, and page speed is taken care off. 

Easy to use Content Management System

WordPress alone cannot be the best tool for your website. We build your website with powerful Divi Builder to make it easier for you to manage.

Web design mockups for wordpress website built by Lemonade. Lemonade provides web design service.

Website Content Optimisation

Our team will proofread your content and ensure the use of relevant keyphrases within your website. We may not know your industry more than you do, but we know how Search Engine works and how it reads your site.

High Security Website

Keeping your website safe and ready for your customers at all time. Our WordPress Maintenance team will continually maintain your website by scanning and patching, fixing and updating any new content for you. You can now have a worry-free site with our website maintenance service.

The Process

Every web design project starts with the planning stage. Our team will work with you to come out with

  • a reasonable timeline,
  • customer journey plan
  • a list of keywords proposal and
  • content structure suggestions.

With a in-depth research of your industry and your products, our team will work out with you a design style suitable for your business.

We give form to brands using all the innovation and creativity at our disposal. Strong visual messages, clear navigation and imagery help our client’s brands to meet their goals and give audiences what they want.

Good web design and strong website development make the complex appear simple.

On-site optimisation- You may have heard about it everywhere, but what exactly do we optimise? We will optimise your website by analyzing the overall development and content to ensure that all your images, content and codings are readable by the search engines.

We optimise your website by:

  • creating alt-text on all images;
  • creating meta titles and description within your web pages;
  • optimising image size to achieve optimised loading time and
  • using of proper codes/ tags to allow the search engine to look for content emphasis.
Your website should be your best presentation tool. We make use of our animation libraries while creating your website. Before your website is ready to be launched. we give it a little touch by inserting right amount of animation to capture the attention of your web users.
Keep your website going without even touching it. Shoot an email to us and we will get your updates on your website in no time. We have a dedicated support team always on standby to help you anytime. Our system monitors your website 24/7 and back it up every week to ensure that you always have your website ready. Routine updates of your WordPress website and plugins is also part of our maintenance work.

Questions that everyone asked.

We know it is not easy to start a web design project. So we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions and hope it answers your questions. If it does not, you can always speak with our team of WordPress experts at Lemonade.


How much does a web design cost?

The cost of web design differs according to your needs for your website. The cost of a web design service is usually $3,800 to $15,000

If you need an estimation, you can always request for quotation via our contact page. 

Is WordPress safe?

How WordPress is safe as long as you keep it updated. Besides updating your WordPress version, you should also update all plugins. We also recommend that you keep your data transfer encrypted with SSL certificate and a regular backup of your website.

You can opt-in for our monthly maintenance plan that will cover you and keep your website safe.

For more information about our maintenance service, you can read up more on our WordPress maintenance service page here.

What is Divi Visual builder?

Divi visual builder is a visual drag and drop page builder for any WordPress website. It allow you to edit your website content directly from the page and commonly used module to your website easily.

Lemonade have been using Divi Builder to build our client’s website for many years. We even carry out our WordPress creation course with Divi.

How should I start?

Start by telling us more about your project, you can fill up our project planner here, or simply leave us your contact number in the contact form. Even better, you can send us a directly WhatsApp message here.

How long will it take to build my website?
Duration of a website building depends on the complexity and features. Generally, a website can be done and launch within 6-8 weeks.

However, you should always give more time to prepare the materials and content you need for your website.

NUS Singapore Web design service provided by Lemonade.
a Magazine website design for Be a Woman (Singapore). Lemonade provides them with Web design services.
Web design for a singapore industrial website by Lemonade. Lemonade provide them with web design service.
Singapore Shaw Preschool WordPress Website Mock up by Lemonade. Lemonade provides them with web design service.
Tag Dental (Singapore) website Mock up. A web design project by Lemonade. Lemonade provide them with web design proiject.

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