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What business needs now is design. What design needs now is to make it about business. – Beth Comstock.

It is strange that business owners often feel the need to become entrenched in design projects, when in other aspects of business and life they are happy to let experts do their job without interference. Perhaps designers are guilty of seeking approval too much, needing their ego to be massaged, and being insecure of their abilities. But I think it is also because design forms such a critical part of a company’s brand and impacts on all a company’s activities that business would need the professional touch of design agencies in Singapore.

It is almost certain to say that the confused outcome of the identity of businesses has a lot to do with a lack of design and design leadership (or the wrong design) in the process, hence having an effective client-designer relationship that harnesses each party’s knowledge and strength is critical in delivering successful projects.

Branding can be critically important when consumers decide whether to interact with organizations — make a purchase, use a service, apply for employment, or even sign up for a newsletter. While the perception of a brand cannot be strictly controlled, it can certainly be influenced.

Manipulating brand design with an eye towards brand impact can be particularly challenging. At the centre of this challenge is some uncertainty about what the relationships are between specific types of interaction design and branding. For example, what kind of an interaction makes a brand feel ‘sophisticated’? What kind of interaction makes it ‘professional’? Research can help answer some of these questions, by measuring the effects that interaction design decisions have on users’ perceptions of brand attributes so except the organisation has adequate resource to pull an effective brand image, a design agency is needed.

design is a method of problem solving.

But what is design?

Simply put, design is a method of problem solving. Whether it is an architectural blueprint, a brochure, the signage system at an airport, a chair, or a better way to streamline production on the factory floor – design helps solve a problem. Hence Design agencies in Singapore should be engaged early in corporate plans, not only as visual beautification but as strategic asset to deal with brand complexities, also adding creative solutions.

By creating value for business, design agencies in Singapore offers a competitive advantage, being an investment in innovation, positioning, branding and communication that increases customer loyalty, trust and market share, Strong design adds to brand personality and brand experience, enhancing the brand in consumers’ minds.

In conclusion,

1. The majority of businesses agree that design agencies are valuable in branding, although some businesses mentioned it had a limited influence due to the platforms used today.

2. Current web design in Singapore don’t allow real experience with the customers, hence the need to re-design them.

3. Design agencies in Singapore has as part of its responsibility to create consistency throughout all channels of customer experience.

4. Design works as a differentiator, amplifying interaction between brands, clients and fans.

5. Storytelling helps create brand empathy and a close connection with the user.

6. Designers craft stories and experiences which increase engagement.

7. Good web design in Singapore can be trustworthy and easily shared among fans, which creates a competitive advantage.


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