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10 Features You Need in Your Ecommerce Website

Brand Story Most ecommerce websites are seen as marketplaces where goods and services are bought and sold, with pages being populated with categories of imported products that follow market trends. Contrary to popular belief, e-commerce is more than just a digital...

10 Things You Should Consider Putting in Your Website

Why are these features a must-have in my website? High conversion website design should consist of a solid "About Page", Call to actions, dummy-proof site map, search functions and more Business websites are often the first point of contact between consumers and...

Sustainable Web Design

According to Siteefy (2020), an estimate of 1.7 billion websites exist in the world wide web today, and the average size of a single web page runs at 2.5MB (HTTP Archive, 2020). With more data being transferred, it also means more power is required to supply the...

What my web design agency needs to know about my next site

How does my next site add value to my current one?For businesses who are seeking to build a new website or ecommerce it is usually with the objective of looking to enhance the pre-existing one and would include complementary features or similar design elements. Some...

What makes a great business website?

A great business website is all about establishing an online presence that services the consumers effectively and meets all of their needs. Whether it's a customer checking out a restaurant menu before making a reservation or seeking information on a product that they...

10 Factors to consider when choosing a web design Company

Shopping around for a web design agency can be a daunting task especially if one has never approached an agency before or had the experience of working with one. Before settling down on one , make sure that these 10 points have been vetted through and all the boxes...

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What does a project coordinator do in a web design agency

What do web project coordinators do?Unlike project or account managers, web project coordinators are dedicated managers in a web design agency and it is a lead role that is usually part of the sales team. They are responsible for planning, executing and supervising...

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Life of a web designer in a Web Design Agency

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a web designer in a professional web design agency? Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of their job scope and responsibilities. A typical web designer’s responsibilities include meeting with the clients alongside the project manager to...

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10 Qualities of a good Web Design Sales Consultant

Designing a professional site doesn't have to be trickyA web-design sales consultant like any other sales professionals are here to assist clients in troubleshooting needs for their businesses.One might have heard of terms such as an account or project manager but...

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Should I hire a website designer?

Should I hire a website designer? Very often we find ourselves perusing through random websites on the internet, some are of interest to us but more often than not, we have landed on a site due to its aesthetic or simply because of clever engagement. What is site...

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How much does it cost to DIY your website in 2020

How much does it cost to set up a website for a small business? With the global pandemic still ongoing, you might be asking yourself if it’s time to start a website for your small business. Well think of it this way, your website is your 24/7 online salesperson and it...

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Singapore Web Design Company List for 2020

Which web design company in Singapore should you choose? latable for any tastemakers out there. We have prepared a comprehensive list of all the notable web design agencies in Singapore. These agencies have been carefully picked for their high conversion projects. Singapore web design company list for 2020 will help you to decide on your next web design project.

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