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“SPCRS 2015 brought together renowned international thought leaders as well as local experts to present a series of educational lectures and interactive, how-to sessions. It is a forum where multidisciplinary specialties have ample opportunities to share tenacious issues faced daily in- and out-patients across institutions, thus providing a networking platform for idea exchanges and innovations.”Extract of Welcome Message from the Organising Committee (For more info, go to https://spcrs.sg

The symposium was one of the most prestigious and grandiose event we’ve ever attended. While we didn’t stay for long, the takeaway from the symposium was equally enriching- we learned much about cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation from renowned international and local speakers, experts, and delegates, and being in a room filled with so many dedicated and intelligent minds was an interesting experience.

Below are some pictures we’ve taken of the event:


Some of the collaterals for the symposium includes a brochure, voucher, and lanyard with the event’s logo, which was design by Lemonade.


As mentioned, we were engaged by SHF to do up the collaterals for the symposium, of which includes a logo design, website design, as well as an event brochure.

Logo design we’ve created specifically for the symposium. We stuck to the organisation’s corporate colours of red and blue, and used a serif font that is clean, neat, and professional. The logo can be seen across all of the events’ collaterals, including the microsite and brochure.

The Home view of the microsite. The site includes, amoung other features, a customized registration form which had allowed the delegates to register for the symposium online. A contact form was also integrated onto the microsite for the purpose of enquiring about the event.

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The brochure, which is a consolidated form of the microsite.

To read up more about the project, go HERE. For more information on the range of design services we offer Singapore companies, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (65) 3158 3831 or click on the button below!


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