How Web Design and Development Can Help Your Business

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You already know why an excellent website matters to your business, but you can’t stop there. Do you know how crucial web design and development are to your business’ growth and success?

Needless to say, customers act as the lifeblood of your business. As customers change their expectations and interactions online, your business must adapt and improve.

How do you do this? You use web design and development to boost your brand online and cater more to the user experience. You develop more value for you customers via your website.

This is how web design and development can help your business.

User Experience Design Is More Important Than Ever

The average human attention span is eight seconds. That’s right, the human attention span now sits below that of a goldfish.

This is due, in part, to the wealth of information we’re exposed to at any moment in the day. We’re digital driven minds hopping from one app to the next. We expect instant gratification and instant access to the information we seek.

If you want to retain customers and gain new ones you need to keep your user in mind. If your website’s UX design does not cater to the digital mentality you can kiss your customers goodbye.

Does your website contain slow load times? Is your website optimized for mobile use? This is why web design and development are so crucial to your success.

Without them, potential buyers become disappointed passers-by. In some cases, they might not return to your site ever again.

Web design will help you craft an exceptional user experience that creates a pipeline of traffic to your website and drives sales.

Web Design, UX, and SEO

Web design centered around improving your UX can increase your SEO. Here’s how.

Responsive Web Design Ranks High

Google lauds RWD is the single most effective way to target mobile users. We spend more time on mobile now than any other platform. As such, Google now considers mobile-optimization as part of its ranking criteria.

Responsive Web Design means you don’t need to wrestle with building another website for mobile. In this regard, web design saves you time and money that you would normally spend building that site’s reputation from scratch.

Bounce Rates

If your mobile website isn’t intuitive or is unresponsive, users will not hesitate to leave. Even if your desktop site ranks high on SERPs, bounce rates could bring you down.

Google sees a high bounce rate as a sign that your content is irrelevant to visitors. If this is you, your rankings will suffer.

Responsive web design means you don’t need to cut corners with content. It keeps users on your page and gives them a pleasurable experience interacting with your valuable content.

Web Design and Development For Your Business

Now that you know how web design and development serve your business, you might think its time to step up your UX design game.

Web design is a means of strategic problem-solving. If you’re unsure where to begin, consider hiring a reputable design firm.

Want to learn more about how a quality design firm can help your business grow? Contact us today!

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