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Founded in 2012. We have invested a great amount of time and effort to select and build a great web design Singapore and backend system. Our team is regularly updated with the different methods to make your website search engine friendly and searchable by their customers via search engines.

Web Design Singapore

Our aim is to make our clients’ business visible everywhere. Our expertise in web design and powerful support from our partners in branding and web marketing helps us to achieve that. If you want to be always there for your customers, trust us to be always there for you.

thought process

How to we make it so good? It the thought (process) that counts.

thought_general_directionThe first thing our team will do during the first stage of the project is to research. We do not just research for your related industry, we research of  ideas that was used by any other industries of your customers too. Afterall, your website or branding are to bring you closer to them.
With your research results in mind, our UX designers will concentrate on the flow of your web design Singapore. How far down will you customers scroll? How much text will your customer reads? How do we attract your customers to click or buy from your website? Of course, your available resources are also taken into consideration during our thought process, you wouldn’t want an “about us” page containing only 1 paragraph, right?
Now this is a very technical phase. The process of us planning out your requirements on a mind map and the logic behind what you need. We would first look for premium off-the-shelf plugin, to save you some time and money. If it doesn’t work, we customise it! Aside from thinking about your clients’ needs, we think about your needs first. We want to ensure that the backend operations require as little time as possible.
Remember our backbone? – We do not just make sure your design is good. With our premium marketing service, we make sure that you are visible everywhere. Our web design also comes with mobile responsive to ensure your clients can see your website even on their mobile or tablets.
How do we ensure that we deliver only the best to you? That why we come out with a guideline and quality control measurement. We share with you our QC checklist and you can even opt-in for a third party checks!
Our thought process does not end at submitting the project to you, but we make sure we continue to make your website as good as new. The type of security you may need or the backup you require are all a part of our plan for you. You can opt-in for our LEMONADE CARES support that can help you with content updating even after the project ends.

Be visible everywhere.

why us?

Creative Solutions

We value the power of creativity in all our solutions. When you work with us, you are guaranteed research-based ideas and designs that are innovative, thoughtful and relevant. No matter if it’s web design or graphic designs.

Premium Quality

We take tremendous pride in our work and strive to provide only the best creative solutions. All our work goes through stringent and extensive checks before anything is handed over to you. Our local team in Singapore ensures that your web design and development, Branding project achieve the highest quality.

Excellent Service

We know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a bad customer service experience, which is why we want to treat you right; by showing respect, understanding your needs and concerns and by truly communicating, we aim to build a lasting relationship with all our clients.

social media

Many have asked if they can update their website by themselves and if it would be easy.

This is how our developer did his job.

Of course, if you still prefer not to touch it, let us help you! 🙂

visit us at lemonade-it.com

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technet.microsoft.com/…/libr…/security/ms17-010.aspx -

Do the patch *NOW* and backup your files too!

Here's the patch: technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/ms17-010.aspx Please share with everyone you know! #WannaCryransomware

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We are glad to present yet another new launch by us!

Pasta J a dog-friendly restaurant located at the busy food street of Thomson Road.

With a new online menu and reservation system, we are sure that their productivity will be multiplied!

oh, we love their Sleepy Jack's Coffee -http://pastaj.com/sleepy-jacks-coffee/ you NEED to try it out, if you love coffee!

Check it out at: www.pastaj.com

You can get yourself a website like this too! www.lemonade-it.com

Contact us today at +65 6372 8835

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