5 Easy Ways to Increase Lead Conversion on Your Website

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Wednesday, Aug 30
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Your website is the virtual front door to your business.

You’ve likely slaved over the design (or hired a web development company in Singapore to design it) and copy on your website but something’s not right. You’re just not getting the return on lead conversion.

To help you maximize your conversion rate for leads, we’ve compiled some tips you can apply to your website today.

First, What Is Lead Conversion?

Conversion rates are any KPIs that a business tracks to determine the efficacy of marketing campaigns, copywriting, sales, and more. Typical conversion rates include:

  • A website visitor signing up for your email list
  • A sales lead downloading a white paper or other freebies
  • A customer making a purchase

These can all be considered examples of lead conversion. Essentially, a lead converts when he moves from one part of the pipeline to the next.

Follow the Natural Eye Path

Our eyes naturally follow an F pattern when we view web pages, according to a Nielsen study.

Your website’s visitors will first put their focus on the top left-hand quadrant of your site. Their focus will then scan across the page to the right, come back to the left, then move down the page.

To maximize the return on your CTAs, place a button in the top right corner and one slightly lower on the left or center of the page (but stay above the fold).

Place a CTA Above the Fold

Placing a CTA above the fold, particularly for a freebie, can increase your lead conversion. Derived from that same study, Nielsen found web users spend 80 percent of their time reading the information above the fold on websites.

Ensure your important information plus a simple CTA is above the fold on your website.

Use CTAs in Your Blog Posts

You should already be including a CTA at the end of each blog post, but including relevant CTAs as stand-out text in the post’s body can increase your conversion rate significantly.

For example, say you are writing a blog post about how effective Instagram is for finding new sales leads. If you have a guide to using Instagram for lead generation, include that as a CTA using H3 or H4 halfway through your text.

Use Content to Support New Launches

When you launch a new product, you should let your existing email base know with a short blog post.

These posts should be short. They’re also an opportunity to link your customers to relevant content on your blog and website.

Linking customers to relevant content demonstrates your expertise in the matter and increases the trust your customers have in you. Building trust helps push your customers to convert to the next stage in your pipeline.

Keep It Simple

Your CTAs and forms should be really simple. Ideally, CTA buttons should be no longer than three words, and forms should have no more than five fields to complete.

Testing these features will help you find the sweet spot for your site’s visitors.

Stop Losing Converts

Implementing these tips on your website will help keep your CTAs simple and instill trust in your sales leads.

For additional help on lead conversion or web design, get in touch with us today.


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